5 Reasons Your Child Will Love MakerBrane

We are currently going into the third week of Virtual STEM Camp and thought we should showcase one of the coolest new programs that we offer, MakerBrane. This virtual building software is like no other. Here are 5 key reasons why your kids will love MakerBrane!

1. MakerBrane uses digital LEGO

With MakerBrane there are endless creations that children can build with LEGO. If your child wants to build a castle or boat they can! It can all be done within the digital workspace.

2. MakerBrane is more than just LEGO.


The MakerBranes motto is “Build with everything” which is what makes MakerBrane unique. The online platform incorporates other very popular building toys. The list is quite extensive but some familiar names are Meccano, kbricks, Branes, MyToyTown, and K’nex. The full list can be found here: https://beta.makerbrane.com/part-sets/. With this selection of building materials, your child’s imagination will have endless possibilities.

3. MakeBrane is an easy to use 3D assembly software


MakerBrane’s 3D MakerSpace is different by being an “assembly” tool rather than a “modelling” tool. You snap pre-made modular toys and other real-life parts to create designs and constructions. It’s all drag and drop and a lot easier to learn than traditional modellers.

4. With MakerBrane, you can make a physical replica of what you built

Currently, MakerBrane helps you do that in two ways: the first is by giving you a list of parts included in the design as well as step-by-step building instructions. This allows you to use your own parts and rebuild your design in real life.

The other way is by allowing you to download your model as a 3D-printable file. The benefit of this is that you can share your creations with friends and family!

5. MakerBrane is online with no downloading needed 

Currently, you can’t play MakerBrane on a tablet, but PC and Mac both can utilize the software. It’s a web-based software so when your child wants to play with it all they have to do is log in to the website and bam, they are able to immediately start creating!

So if any of this sounds like fun for your children, consider signing them up for the coming weeks! We make sure your child is entertained and educated so that they walk away with a strong understanding of the software and confidence to build whatever their heart desires.



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