Game Modding with Pokemon

What Is Game Modding?

Recently there has been a growing number of games and systems that allow users to modify games. It gives users more control of their gaming environment and can increase their playability of the game. This is known as game modding, but what exactly is it? In simple terms, it’s when users can change or customize a video game. This might be by changing characters, landscapes, buildings, and more! 

Game modding is fun for users because they get to make their own version of the game without actually making the game. As much fun as it would be to create your own game, it takes many skills to do so. You can start by taking beginner courses that will introduce you to special techniques. 


Game modding is also a great way to gain experience for future careers in the tech world. It requires and teaches a lot of important game development skills. These skills can be transferred into the real world as a game developer, professional coder, and more. The experience that comes from game modding also helps users to get a better understanding of how games work. You can also share your mods with friends. There have been cases where people have gotten recognized and landed jobs from their new modified game creations! How cool! 


In addition, modding teaches users common STEM principles. It also requires users to analyze, evaluate, and revise their work. This process will surely test player’s patience but in parallel, will strengthen it. Game modding can sometimes require experiments that result in failure, but that’s all part of learning! Users need to work back through their modifications to learn what worked and what didn’t. This is why it’s a good idea to start off with introductory courses. Having a professional guide users through game modding can speed up the learning process.

With Virtual STEM Camp’s Pokemon: Build Your Own World sessions, there is an endless opportunity for children to get creative and learn how to modify games. Learn more about the next available class at https://stemcamp.ca/virtual-stem-camp/session-schedule/.



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