Careers In Coding – Scratch

What Is Coding?

     Previously we talked about how beneficial Scratch can be in terms of introducing children to careers in animation. Scratch is a great beginner tool that could also lead to a future in coding. Coding is a programming language that is written in a script format. Computers read the script to complete a computing result. This happens almost instantaneously. 

A Career In Coding

        The Scratch program is a simple coding website primarily for kids. The program was designed to introduce children to the concept of coding. It’s an important skill to have, especially for children who may have a future in it. For those who want a career in it, they should start by taking courses such as algebra, computer science, and tech in high school.  Having a strong background in STEM is also highly beneficial. The next step would be to acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related program. Employer’s prefer hiring students with the most updated education due to the world of technology constantly changing.

     Post-secondary programs that include internships are a great way to get yourself ahead of the game. It gives amateur coders the opportunity to learn first hand from professionals. In addition, an internship will also make entering the workforce a little easier with previous experience.

     Coding requires very specific work. It must be written with high accuracy in order for the computer to execute it accordingly. Because of this, important characteristics and skills to have in this field are adaptability, logic, desire to learn, patience, and exceptional communication. They will lead to a successful career in addition to hard work and adequate education.

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