Virtual STEM Camp is here!

We are so excited to launch Virtual STEM Camp this week! Your team at STEM Camp has pivoted quickly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to develop educational content that is consistent with our values of fun, yet educational STEM experiences. 

The Virtual STEM Camp pilot was launched the week of April 6, 2020. We asked families to volunteer to attend the sessions as our “guinea pigs” and give it a test ride. Over 300 families volunteered for only 15 spots. This was an amazing response – thank you so much! We quickly revised the program that week so we could accept 75 families. We are pleased to report that our first week (minus the typical logistical and technical challenges) went off without a hitch! Last week involved hands-on activities with items that families hopefully had in their kitchen while this week, involves an online coding experience with Scratch from MIT.

Behind the scenes we have been very busy developing curriculum, training staff on how to deliver Virtual STEM Camp and reacting quickly to what works and what doesn’t. 

The launch of Virtual STEM Camp will take place the first week of May and more information can be found here. The first two weeks released are technologically focussed, offering sessions involving coding and web design. Different sessions are developed for different ages but all sessions fall within our typical standard camp age range of 5 to 13. We will continue to develop fun nd engaging content that inspires your child’s sense of wonder!

A big shout out to our community who have embraced virtual learning during these challenging times. We hope you enjoy or program and, as a reminder, we have some free resources for you for activities you can do at home with your family. Access that page here.

Stay safe and healthy!



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