Chemists are often grouped as scientists, but they are very different. The career is super fascinating and can be highly rewarding. People in this position conduct research experiments to learn more about the chemicals we use. Typically the results suggest ways to develop better substances that will improve human life. Currently, the demand for this role is growing at about 7% per year in North America!

Becoming a Chemist

To become a chemist, it is important to have a good understanding of STEM principles. In high school, one should make sure that they take all of the science and math courses that are available. This will set up students for success in their post-secondary studies! To qualify for an entry-level chemist position, a bachelor degree in chemistry is required. A degree like this can also qualify students for careers like: biotechnologist, chemical engineer, forensic scientists, nano technologist, research scientist and so on. Acquiring a masters degree in chemistry, or a related field, would be an asset on any resume! Although it is not required, a masters will help post-graduates secure a job sooner.


For the first few years in the field, a recent graduate will work under a well experienced chemist. They will be given limited responsibility but endless learning opportunities. This is so that young chemists can focus on building hands-on experience. It is crucial that they practice and understand the strict lab safety procedures and standards. If your child pursues this career, there will be cases where they work with highly potent and reactive substances. Learning the rules and regulations is essential to keeping everyone safe. 

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