Harry Potter

Calling all wizards in training! We need you at STEM Camp this summer! Through weeks four and eight, camper’s will discover STEM with our wand-erful Harry Potter theme! 

During your child’s time at camp, they will create their very own magic wand! Instead of using a phoenix feather and holly like Harry Potter, campers will use STEM materials. Their creativity will be put to the test as they make the best wizardry accessory at Hogwarts! 

Harry Potter

If you’ve seen Harry Potter, then you are likely familiar with strange plants like Titan Arum plant (aka the corpse flower). I bet you’re interested to know how it got it’s nickname? Well, despite the pretty red, yellow and purple colours, it actually produces a “rotting meat” like scent. This is due to two main compounds, dimethyl disulphide and dimethyl trisulfide. This flower is the largest on the planet as it can grow up to 12 ft with a 5 ft diameter. You will surely smell it from far away! Don’t worry, the plant’s stench is only released when it blooms! Lucky for anyone near one, it only blossoms every 7-10 years!

Harry Potter PLANT

Another plant you might be familiar with, that seems straight from Harry Potter, is the Clathrus Archeri. It is also referred to as the Octopus Stinkhorn. It got it’s nickname because of it’s “tentacle” appearance and repulsive smell. Good news is that it is native to Australia and New Zealand! Although it has been found in California, it’s unlikely that the fungus will ever be introduced to Canada. 

This summer, our spellbinding program will bring the Harry Potter world to life through STEM! You can be sure that your child will be the best wizard in your house!