STEM Behind Fortnite

If you have kids you likely know about the new online gaming sensation, Fortnite. What many don’t know, is that it is so much more than just a post apocalyptic video game. STEM principles can be commonly found behind the design and concepts of the digital battle. 

Fortnite was first released in September 2017 and was quick to gain popularity throughout primary and secondary school aged students. The great success it experienced is due to its lively animations, silly avatar accessories and challenging quest for victory. Our Fortnite theme (weeks 2 and 6) will inspire campers to put their imagination to the test as they build their own Fortnite skin!

At the start of the game, avatars are deployed from a flying bus. They then have to carefully maneuver to an island where they must land successfully. Thanks to physics, engineering and impeccable graphics, players may experience the illusion that they are flying. This summer, campers will get to design air rockets, vehicles and gliders that are similar to those in Fortnite.

An earlier version of Fortnite had created a lot of buzz after the virtual world was destroyed by a black hole… one of science’s greatest mysteries. Fans were left confused and pondering whether there was a deeper meaning behind the possible metaphor, but you can be sure that our version of the game won’t be putting any limits on the campers fun!

Allow your child to experience the phenomenon beyond the virtual world with STEM Camp! Our Fortnite week will let them exercise their sense of curiosity and exploration beyond the boundaries of a digital screen!