STEM in the Summer Olympics

2020 Summer Olympics STEM Camp

Are you as excited for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics as we are? This summer, campers will have the opportunity to experience the magic behind the Olympics with STEM Camp!  Week three’s theme is the Summer Olympics, where children will get to learn first hand the mechanics behind many Olympic essentials, like how to build sports equipment!

Summer Olympics Camp

Typically one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about the Olympics are the Olympic Rings! The 5 multi-coloured circles have been a staple used by the International Olympic Committee since 1920. They are recognized worldwide and hold a great meaning of unity as the Olympic Games  brings nations together to show off their top athletes. During camp, your child will learn how to make their own rings along with other fun Olympic staples that should not be missed!

STEM Electrolyte Drink

Did you know that the key to an athletes exceptional performance is to keep well hydrated? Seems too simple doesn’t it? When undergoing intense exercising, the body naturally rises in temperature, thus producing sweat. Hydration is important because it replenishes water that’s lost due to perspiration. It also aids in regulating high temperatures so athletes don’t experience heat stroke and exhaustion. In addition, many sports drinks add electrolytes. Electrolytes play a big role in controlling healthy nerve and muscle function, increasing energy and stabilizing blood pressure. During week three, your camper will learn how to make their own delicious hydrating sports drink that will benefit them when playing our version of the Olympics!

What a better way to get your athlete excited about the worldwide celebration of the Olympics than with STEM Camp! Our summer program will be sure to leave everyone feeling like a winner after all the new friends, learning and fun that is to be had!

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