The Best Summer Camp Staff

You have probably already heard the expression “it takes a village to.” The truth is that we can’t find a better way to express STEM Camp’s mission. It does take a village to make it happen. It takes almost 300 hires every summer to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fun for our campers. It is not an easy job, but we recruit amazing university students, teachers and young professionals to help us to achieve our goal. Year after year we succeed, thanks the best summer camp staff.

However, some of them that stood out because they were extraordinary. The way they engaged children, how committed they were in creating a fun and safe environment, how great they were with their peers and office staff. They went above and beyond to make sure STEM Camp was an incredible camp, and we must acknowledge them!

Every year we present an Outstanding Staff Award for each of our camp positions. We are excited to announce who they are for 2019:

Tanner Pollock
Outstanding Camp Director – The Best Summer Camp Staff!

Tanner Pollock 

Tanner was the Camp Director at Kincardine and Port Elgin and did an extraordinary job carrying out his duties with commitment and responsibility. His leadership and ability to build a great environment at STEM Camp were impressive, and we were so lucky to have him. We hope to see you back next year, Tanner!

Julia Bakker

Julia Bakker
Outstanding Education Coordinator – The Best Summer Camp Staff!

Julia was our Education Coordinator at Strathroy. In 2018, she was a camp counsellor and received the Outstanding Counsellor Award. After getting the Education Coordinator position, we had no doubt she would rock it. And she sure did! Loved by campers and staff, Julia made a difference at Strathroy and gave our campers an unforgettable summer. 

Look what she said about her experience: “Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to watch children grow and develop their understanding of STEM subjects. It was amazing to watch some campers come to truly love STEM curriculum, and hearing them saying they wanted to keep pursuing learning about STEM outside of camp. (…) The wonder and amazement in each child’s eyes is something that I will never get tired of seeing.” We certainly hope to have you back next year, Julia!

Neil Van Zyl

Neil was a camp counsellor at Kincardine and Port Elgin (what a lucky camp!). His charisma and engagement with our campers were incredible. From the minute he started the day until the very last, he was pure energy, enthusiasm and fun. He was dedicated and focused on each camper’s experience, which is a great way to provide a fantastic summer camp! Our campers loved him and we all hope to see you again next year, Neil!

Neil Van Zyl
Outstanding Camp Counsellor – The Best Summer Camp Staff!

These were our outstanding staff for the 2019 camp season. They are a small sample of the great people who were responsible for STEM Camp’s best year yet. We hope that they all come back and that every year we can recruit such amazing staff. STEM Camp is committed to inspire children in STEM and leave them amazed at what they can do.  

And for you, campers and parents, preparations for 2020 STEM Camp are already underway. We can’t wait to share with you our themes, partnerships, and what we are planning for next summer. Stay tuned!