2019 STEM Camp Thank You!

2019 STEM Camp season has come to an end, and we must say, it was amazing!

We had over 8 thousand children aged 5 to 13 attending STEM Camp and leaving amazed by the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Inspired by our Transformers theme, our campers built a STEM powered boat, learned about the conductive properties of graphite, investigated how viscosity changes with different ingredient ratios by building a Shield for Optimums Prime and so much more.

We also had the Force with us, and in our Star Wars week we had volcanoes erupting, we learned about constellations, ecosystems and stalactites and stalagmites… Not to mention our rocket launchers. We are ready to be true Jedis.

In our Super heroes week, we explored what is inside super heroes and learned about and created DNA models, about bones and we created a skeleton. We built an incredible Bat-cave, powerful slime and more.

Our most popular week, Minecraft, was awesome. We built an amusement park with carousels and roller coasters, baked delicious S’mores in a solar oven, and made the tallest tower ever, among other fun projects.

Our 2019 STEMCamp was so incredible because of the amazing campers we had this year. Their curiosity and willingness to learn and have fun were what made our camps the best.

It takes a village to make STEM Camp happen, and we would like to thank all who were involved in making this summer so special.

We thank all the families who trusted us this summer with their geniuses. Your are our most important partner!

A big shout out to our staff, who worked tirelessly to make STEM fun for kids and inspire them throughout the summer. Also, our head office staff who connected parents and staff clarifying and coordinating everything.

We won’t forget all the amazing facilities that hosted STEM Camp. Thank you for your kindness and patience hosting us and our happy and loud summer camp noise!

Finally, thanks to our partners Mattel and Mining Matters that added special events and visits to our season. It is always good to know we can count on you!

We already have the themes for 2020 and big announcements to make… 2019 had the highest enrolments ever. We can only imagine what next year will bring! Stay tuned, follow us on social media and keep exploring the world around you. STEM is everywhere!

We hope to see you all next Summer!

STEM Camp Team