Important Camp Info

Hello Everyone!

Our Transformers week will start on July 2nd!

There are some things we want to inform you about before camp starts so you can be prepared.

1. Pick Up and Drop Off Locations

All pick up and drop off information is now on the STEM Camp website. All site specific pages can be found under the location page, that is where this information is. Here is how to find it:

       Click here

        Navigate to your site on the list

        Select the link to your site (click on the site name)

        Scroll down to “Pick-Up and Drop-Off Location”

For our camps at large locations we have included maps to show you where the pick up and drop off location is, please review those so you know where to go.

2. Parent Handbook

Attached to this email is the 2019 parent handbook. You will have already received this document via email when you enrolled, this is your second chance to take a look! It covers lots of important information such as procedures (ex. Who to call when you will be late/absent, what to do for pick up, etc.), policies (ex. Refund policy, three strike policy, etc.), and general need-to-knows.

Please review this before camp starts as it is VERY important!

3. What to Bring

STEM Camp is ready with all of the supplies for our activities, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need your camper to come prepared too!

Here are some things that they should come to camp with:

        Lunch (and snacks – one for morning and one for afternoon)

        Sunscreen and bug spray

        Weather appropriate clothing (i.e. hat, rain boots, change of clothes)

        Close-toed shoes (for safety reasons!!)

        Refillable water bottle

        Smiles and ready-to-learn attitudes!!

This list is not necessarily exhaustive. If your camper has other things they want to bring please feel free! Remember to review our Lost and Found policy before you send them with anything valuable, though.

4. Allergy Awareness

Please remember that we are a peanut/nut aware camp! As long as you have included all allergy info for your camper when you enrolled, the staff will be aware and will be prepared with a list of all camper allergies.

All epipens/emergency allergy medication should be brought with the campers and the Camp Director should be made aware of its location. Please note that our staff are not authorized to administer medication, unless of course in an emergency situation (allergies)

5. Questions?

Most questions can be addressed by your Camp Director on the first day of camp. If you have anything you need to know before camp starts please call our head office at 519-475-6600 or check out the FAQ’s section on our website.

If you want to request that your camper be in a group with another camper, please ask the Camp Director on the first day as they will be able to help you out.

6. Pictures

STEM Camp wants you to have a taste of what our campers are experiencing at the camp. If you follow these links you will be able to see your children’s pictures in our “Camp today blog” or on our Facebook Page. Pictures will be uploaded the following business day. Don’t forget to check it out!

See you soon!

The STEM Camp Team!