Happy Father’s Day – Real Super Heroes

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We know that no one quite works as hard to provide for their families as fathers do. People often look up to professional athletes, movie stars or famous people like a super hero. However, here at STEM Camp, we look up to the every day heroes, the dads of the world. June 16th is an important day because it’s the day everyone gets to take a minute and thank their father’s for being the real super hero in their world.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Our STEM Camp team gets to see first hand the effort dads put in for their children. We get to see dads dropping off and picking up their kids from our camps everyday. Even after a hard day of work dad’s still have a smile on their faces and are very excited to be able to see their children and celebrate every discovery they make. Everyone at STEM Camp wants to wish all of the true super heroes out there a Happy Father’s Day!

Your example, enthusiasm and encouragement means the world to your children. Keep up the great work!

We had a very special math Mother’s Day card for the mothers out there and don’t worry dads, we didn’t forget about you.

Click here to view STEM Camp’s math thank you card!

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