The Math Behind Minecraft

Hello STEM families! How excited are you about learning some cool STEM activities? We certainly are veeeery excited! We are counting down the days for STEM Camp!

This series was started way back at the beginning of February. We started off with “Science February” and during the entire month of February, we focused on the “S” portion of STEM, Science! March was dedicated to Technology, April was Engineering and now it is our May Math.

We have talked about the STEM behind all four of our 2019 themes. This is now our final one, the math behind Minecraft! Our Minecraft camp weeks run the week of July 22nd – 26th and August 19th – 23rd. It has been the most popular theme this year and almost every Minecraft week is sold out. But we still have some spots available so hurry and register today to guarantee your enrollment!

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Minecraft is a fantastic game that children just can’t get enough of. The game gives children the chance to be free to create whatever they can imagine. They love having no rules, choosing their own play style and shaping the world their own unique way. Minecraft does not have a clear path to victory. However, every time you fail, you learn something new. That’s the important part about this game is. No matter how many times you fail, you walk away learning something you didn’t know before. That’s not only a good lesson to learn in a game but also for life.

With the Minecraft pixelated world children can learn about symmetry, coordination systems, fractions, area and volumes and much more.

In The Real World

Teachers today have been able to use Minecraft as a way to help teach students and it works well because it keeps students engaged in something they’re interested in. Introducing a game like Minecraft into the educational curriculum can be a game changer for children. It can change the classroom culture and attitudes towards the desire to learn. Teachers are linking Minecraft to algebra and word problems and their students are having greater success solving those problems. Students will naturally react positively to something that interests them and Minecraft does that!

Minecraft has an education edition, which is an open-world game where you can find different lessons according to subjects and ages. There is a huge database with different games to entertain and teach Math to children in an engaging way.

You can learn more HERE.

Learn More!

It’s amazing to see how introducing something that children are passionate about can completely change the way they learn. At STEM Camp, our STEM activities and projects are designed to promote discovery, reward curiosity, and leave children amazed at what they can do.

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