The Math Behind Star Wars

Hello all STEM lovers, we hope you’re ready to learn more about the best summer camp in Ontario! It’s time to further discuss the world of Math. We are well underway in Math May and we are now going to discuss the math behind this summers Star Wars theme! During the entire month of May we will be focusing on the “M” part of STEM: Math! Don’t be scared of the dark side of math…we will teach you ways how to handle even the most difficult math problems. Stay tuned for challenges, jokes, promotions, contests and much more!

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Givin’s are a species in the Star Wars universe who love math just as much as we do. In their culture, to greet a Givin you have to start by giving them a math equation to solve. Givin’s prefer when you give them a very challenging math equation because they like to demonstrate their knowledge. If you were to ask a Givin an easy math question they would take it as a major insult because it comes across as you questioning their intelligence. After a Givin has answered their guests question they would then ask a question of their own for their visitor to answer. However, due to most species not having the Givin’s mathematical abilities, most species can’t answer their questions.

Their Guests

The Givin’s don’t want to embarrass their guests so they started only asking questions with the answer being three. That way their guests will always know the answer and won’t constantly be embarrassed. If a visitor was asked a question where the answer wasn’t three it shows that the Givin believes their visitor has high intelligence.

In The Real World

If someone were to start immediately asking you hard math questions you would probably find yourself in a mathematics contest. One of the best ways for children to enhance their math abilities is through mathematics contests. This is one of the rare opportunities children have to demonstrate their knowledge in math. They practise for weeks solving different math equations and then are put to the test at the competition. Just like the Givin, children who enter these math contest have a special passion for math that few in the world do.

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