Happy Mother’s Day – Real Super Heroes

National Superheroes Day was on April 28th, but the actual date should be on May 12th. May 12th this year is Mother’s Day and every mother out there is a real life superhero.

Mothers work their hardest to make sure everyone in their homes are taken care of. Mom’s go above and beyond to ensure they get their kids up in time for school. They make their breakfast and lunches, drive them to school and sports. They also take them back and forth from all of their friends houses. I could go on and on. Why do they do it? Why do they put in all of that work to make everyone else’s lives easier? It’s because of one simple reason… they love their families more than anything else. Mom’s will do whatever it takes to make the lives of their loved ones easier.

Sometimes we take it for granted and just expect these things because mom never seems to let us down. Even when we don’t help out around the house or do the dishes. We still wake up to a great breakfast in the morning with our lunches packed. Moms live for their families and all they want to do is keep them happy.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Our STEM Camp team gets to see first hand the effort moms put in for their children. We get to see moms get their kids to our camp in the morning and pick them up after a hard days work. Everyone at STEM Camp wants to wish all of the true superheroes out there a Happy Mother’s Day! We want you to know all of the work you do doesn’t go unnoticed!

It’s no secret that STEM Camp loves math and it also happens to be Math May. So we decided to use math to show how grateful we are for all of the mothers out there!

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