The Math Behind Superheroes

Hello to our amazing STEM family! Are you ready to fall in love with Math? We are in our second week of Math May and we are going to look at the math behind Superheroes!

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Superman is known as the “Man of Steel” however, he should be known as the “Math of Steel”. Superman often uses his flying ability to save people that have fallen off a building and also to catch falling objects. But what many of you might not realize is there’s a lot of math that needs to be considered before he flies to the rescue. Superman needs to determine the correct speed to slow down to before catching someone. For example, when Lois Lane falls off the Empire State Building if Superman flew and caught her at his natural speed the impact would be too much for her to handle. So Superman decelerates just before he catches her to match her speed.

In The Real World

Airbags in vehicles follow a similar thought process. Airbags can be dangerous when being used due to the impact they make when they hit an individual. New formulas have been created to determine the seat position, restraint use, gender of user, their age and crash characteristics. By using this formula the airbag will deploy a specific way to match the characteristics of the individual user.

Benefits of STEM

It’s fascinating to see how even superheroes need to use math to do their job. At STEM Camp, our activities and projects are based on things we believe children are passionate about. as a result, our program interests them and helps develop their interests in the world of STEM.

There are endless benefits of STEM and the first step is to enrol your child in our camp today where they can explore their sense of curiosity and wonder!

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