The Engineering Behind Minecraft

Hello STEM families, is everyone excited about our fun STEM program this summer? We certainly are!

We are now in our last week of Engineering April! It is time to talk about the Engineering behind our fourth theme of the summer: Minecraft. Our Minecraft camp weeks run July 22nd – 26th and August 19th – 23rd.

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Minecraft is a pixelated open-world game that’s played by over 90 million people. Players mine blocks of materials used to craft items and build structures. Players are given limitless resources to build whatever they can imagine. They build cities, have crops, parks, castles, pirate ships, bridges, the sky is the limit! The game truly gives children a chance to use their creativity and sense of wonder.

As you can imagine, this game can also inspire many children to pursue different Engineering fields such as civil, structural, mechanical and other careers like geology and mining. It is always a great idea when kids are having fun with a game and being inspired for a future career at the same time.

In Real Life

Engineers are developing a real life Minecraft game to encourage children to become engineers. This innovative toolbox combines the video game with the construction of actual electronics. The toolbox is called Piper and is meant to get kids excited about engineering. Piper is played on a screen while also assembling a customizable box. The game has a story mode and other great features as well. It follows a robot who becomes damaged while on an astronaut-rescue mission to a different planet.

While going through the game children will be required to create new projects that will help a robot on its mission. Since the board in the toolbox registers what you’re doing, you’ll be able to see how the results of your building change the game. It’s a great way to get children excited about engineering and how the fun of Minecraft can be applied to the real world.

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It’s amazing to see how engineering has been involved in so many aspects of our world and how it’s able to expand ideas. At STEM Camp, our activities and projects are designed to promote discovery, reward curiosity, and leave children amazed at what they can do.

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