Engaging children in STEM

Have you realized how many great opportunities to engage in STEM fields children have these days? When we attend expos and different events we frequently hear from parents “I wish I had the chance to attend a camp like STEM camp when I was a child”. Do you feel like this too? 


When we look at the statistics we see how important STEM education is to our children’s future. Statistics Canada’s 2016 census shows that STEM graduates earn more and have more job opportunities. STEM Camp’s mission is making STEM fun for kids, and inspiring them to be passionate about STEM fields. We have been successful so far. The great news is that there are so many opportunities to engage children in STEM today. All you have to do is look for them.

Robotics Competition

Robotics CompetitionA few weeks ago STEM Camp Foundation sponsored the FIRST Robotics Competition Team. WIRED was given a Robotic Competition $1,000 donation to carry on their work with Grade 9 and 10 students from College Avenue Secondary School and Woodstock Collegiate Institute in Woodstock, ON.  WIRED is an acronym for Woodstock Intercollegiate Robotics and Engineering Dominators, a group of 20 high school students who meet after hours. Their mission is to design, construct and program a robot from top to bottom that will perform a specific set of tasks.


The FIRST Robotics Competition describe themselves as the ultimate Sport for the Mind. They draw a crowd for their competitions, there are uniforms, people are showing team spirit by cheering… the atmosphere is incredible!


Robotic Competition

Students use a wide variety of STEM skills during this process: gears, pulleys, belts, electrical systems and Java coding principles.  It is impressive what these young brains are capable of doing. They learn teamwork, problem solving, design, scientific principles, and perform engineering and mathematical calculations by working on their robot. These WIRED students will also be demonstrating what they have learned by creating an outreach program for elementary schools in May this year.


It is an honour for STEM Camp to participate in these accomplishments. They are the generation that will lead us to innovation, competitiveness,  science and technology advances.  We love to hear that after attending  STEM camps, children are dreaming about being scientists, astronauts, doctors, etc. 


Engage your child today in STEM!

Don’t miss any opportunity to engaging children in STEM. It will benefit their entire life. They might find a passion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

You can start by registering them at STEM Camp this summer. Give your child the opportunity to be amazed by the wold of STEM!