The Engineering Behind Super Heroes

Hello to all of our STEM lovers out there, we hope you’re ready for the best STEM summer camp out there! Engineering April is underway and now it’s time to talk about the Engineering behind another one of our themes, Superheroes!

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We are going to discuss one of the most famous superheroes of all time today, Superman. Superman’s powers involve the ability to fly, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed, enhanced hearing, and near-invulnerability. Superman is known for his muscle power and ability to take physical punishment. However people often forget just how impressive his engineering ability is.

Superman built his Fortress of Solitude at the top of a mountain just outside Metropolis. It was constructed out of a Kryptonian crystalline material known as sunstone. Even superheroes need a quiet place once in a while! But he also uses his fortress to do scientific experiments. Superman is a great engineer. He was able to create his own his own headquarter which is amazing!

In The Real World

The fortress of Solitude was replicated in the creation of the Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico, which means “Cave of Crystals.” This amazing cave has gypsum crystals and it’s as long as thirty-six feet. Scientists believe the crystals formed in unique conditions with mineral-rich water and lots of heat and humidity. They also believe they were allowed to thrive in isolation.

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It’s amazing to see how engineering is involved in so many aspects of our world and how fictional ideas can be replicated. At STEM Camp, our activities and projects are based on things children know and love. Therefore, STEM becomes real to them and they develop an interest and sense of wonder!

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