The Technology Behind Superheroes

STEM Skills

Hello STEM families, we hope your children are getting excited to learn some important STEM skills this summer!

 We are now into our second week of Technology March! Now it’s time to talk about the Technology behind our second theme of the summer: Superheroes. Our Super Heroes week run July 8th – 12th and August 6th – 9th. 

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We are going to discuss an amazing superhero today, Wolverine. Wolverine is a mutant who is known for his ability to use retractable claws while he fights. It’s such a great sight to watch when Wolverine is getting ready to fight and he releases his claws. How awesome would it be if we were able to use a real life pair of Wolverines claws? Well, thanks to technology we are able to.

Youtuber and inventor Colin Furze created a fully functional pair of retractable claws. These claws are attached to wrist gauntlets and a pneumatic apparatus on his back. By pressing the button in his hand, he is able to extend and retract them whenever we wants to.

Colin also created them so they spark when they hit each other. The backpack that holds the pneumatic equipment is able to fit under a coat. Another inventor, Brian Kaminski, also designed a set of claws that release when you flex your arm.

It’s amazing to see how technology is involved in so many aspects of our world and can make superhero abilities a real life thing. This is one of the things we love the most about STEM Camp, the activities and projects are based on things children know and love (robots, superheroes, internet, etc.). STEM becomes something close to children’s reality and they develop their interest and sense of wonder!

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