The Technology Behind Transformers

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Technology March!

We are going to discuss the technology behind our first theme of our summer camp, Transformers. Our Transformers weeks are on July 2nd – 5th and July 29th – August 2nd, be sure to check them out on our website and register there.

As you might have guessed by watching the Transformers movies, quite a bit of technology is involved in them. There is plenty to discuss about Transformers but today we are going to focus on the term “combiner”.

A combiner is a sub-group of Transformers that are able to combine their bodies and minds into a single unit. By accomplishing this they become much larger and a more powerful super-robot. As amazing as combiner technology sounds it has its downsides as well.

The major issue is that the combined robot will only be able to do what all of its components agree on. However, there is a bright side to this, it means every problem must be worked out to every conceivable solution before proceeding. It will give the robot a greater chance to make the best possible decision although it can be very time-consuming. Computron is a Transformer who has had to deal with this situation and even with his enhanced computers, it was a very time-consuming task.

Combiner in The Real World!

Combiner technology exists in the real world as well, one example of it is called a “combiner box”. A combiner box brings the output of several solar strings together. Each string conductor lands on a fuse terminal and the output of the fused inputs are combined onto a single conductor that connects the box to the inverter. Similar to a transformer combiner as it brings together multiple transformers (solar strings) to create a super-robot (combined powerful conductor).

Can you think in something that combines forces to improve performance? What about you? Do you believe you work better when you are by yourself or with your friends?

If you want to get your children on the right track to have a career in the world of STEM be sure to register them in our science, technology, engineering and math camp where they will have fun and engage their sense of wonder. 


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