Thank you

The summer of 2017 has come and gone and STEM Camp would like to thank all the families, campers, supporters and staff that helped make it such a tremendous success!

STEM Camp began in 2013 as a small pilot project in just 2 locations with 80 campers. Due to the overwhelming support of parents, key stakeholders and communities we are pleased to announce that 8,402 campers were able to experience STEM Camp this summer across 46 locations – an increase of 4,000 campers from the summer before!

There are many people to thank that have helped make this possible.

Thank you to the Members of Parliament across Ontario who supported STEM Camp through the Canada Summer Jobs program, enabling us to provide employment to over 230 students. Thank you also to the sponsors of STEM Camp whose support make all things possible!

Thank you to the locations that opened their doors to our campers and provided a safe and positive surrounding for the campers to experience the wonderful world of STEM. We know kids can sometimes be loud and messy but their experiences at STEM Camp are helping to prepare them to be leaders in STEM-related careers which is vitally important for Canada’s future. We couldn’t do this without your support.

Thank you to our Camp Directors, Program Coordinators and Camp Counsellors for their enthusiasm, spirit and dedication in providing a fun learning environment for the kids; and for the unsung work they did after hours to submit pictures of children for inclusion on our faceBook page so that parents could see what their children were experiencing that day. Many of our staff go above and beyond what is expected of them and, on behalf of the campers, we wish to acknowledge these special efforts – thank you!

Thank you to the parents who drove their children to STEM Camp locations every morning and picked them up every night – sometimes from more than 45 minutes away!

We hope every camper returns to school with their minds illuminated by STEM and look forward to seeing you back next summer!