STEM Campers Make Debut on “The National”

On Thursday July 13, 2017, Julie Payette was appointed the new Governor General of Canada and STEM Camp played an important role.

If you tuned into Canada’s national news program last night you will have been privy to some exciting faces from our Scarborough STEM Camp location as CBC’s, The National, visited our camp to gauge reaction to Ms. Payette’s appointment. The video clip can be found here. Reactions from many more of our locations can be found through one of the social media links at the bottom of the page.








STEM campers were generous with their praise and effusive in their excitement as they made it known they believe Julie Payette will do a great job as Governor General. Julie Payette had one unique qualification that stood out to the campers illuminating their minds to new possibilities – space travel. One of the first dreams many children have growing up is to become an astronaut and go to space. When the campers found out that Julie Payette is an astronaut and had been to space twice, it fired their imaginations, especially with the girls as many indicated they would like to follow in her footsteps.







STEM campers were very aware of her accomplishments; many of them stated that going to space not only one but twice is extremely impressive and that many of them want to one day go to space themselves. The campers also talked about how she is very inspiring and hopefully people will learn that if you work hard anything is possible. One camper was asked to give Julie Payette some advice and the camper said she doesn’t need any advice – a clear indicator of the confidence these young individuals have in our next Governor General!

STEM Camp would like to thank CBC for involving us in this exciting announcement and extend our most sincere appreciation to our STEM campers for representing our camp, and themselves, so well. We hope the family and friends of those campers enjoyed watching their children on national television and we would also like to wish Julie Payette good look as Canada’s new Governor General from her friends at STEM Camp.

Reactions from many more of our other locations can be found from the social media links below.