Port Elgin Summer Camp Announced

port elgin summer campSTEM Camp is pleased to announce the addition of Port Elgin as a new location for the Port Elgin Summer Camp during the summer of 2017. STEM Camp is partnering with the Port Elgin United Church as its host site, located at 840 Bruce St. Port Elgin, ON; N0H 2C2 to create its Port Elgin Summer Camp that will offer programming and activities in the science, technology, engineering and mathematic fields of study. This facility will be a fantastic location for our campers to enjoy as the building is new and boasts air conditioning, a gymnasium, internet access, a perfect pick up and drop off area, excellent room sizes and facilities that are well suited for STEM Camp’s activities! Port Elgin United Church’s commitment to have its building utilized by its community is well suited to STEM Camp’s commitment to involving the community in its not for profit STEM programming. STEM Camp has always been committed to piloting its summer camps in smaller communities in Ontario and is excited to be bringing its programming to Port Elgin for the first time!

The Port Elgin Summer Camp will run for two weeks during the summer of 2017: August 14 to August 18 and August 21 to August 25. The themes for those two weeks are Plants vs. Zombies for the first week and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the second week. More information can be found on our website regarding themes by clicking here.

Port Elgin, and by extension Saugeen Shores, is well known for its recent economic development boom, and its traditional economic base of agriculture, electricity, small business and tourism. These industries, like many others, will be dependent on the success of the education of its future generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, electrical engineers and farmers who will be responsible for the continuation and expansion of Port Elgin’s economic base. The STEM-based education youth ages 5 through 13 will receive at Port Elgin Summer Camp is the necessary first step in their journey toward achieving this purpose.

STEM Camp is thrilled to offer the Port Elgin Summer Camp in the summer of 2017 and encourage the community to support this worthwhile investment into its own future prosperity. Parents can find out more about the Canadian not-for-profit, STEM Camp by visiting the website.