Summer Camps Need Your Help

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Dear Parents, Summer camps in Ontario need your help! As you are probably aware by now, COVID-19 has decimated not just STEM Camp, but many camps all across Canada. In the year 2021, we may be looking at a year where the camp choices will be sparse and insufficient for everyone’s needs. The Canadian Camping […]

Stem camp fortnite

The STEM Behind Fortnite

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In the “Save the World” series of Fortnite, there are 5 elements that battle gadgets and traps are categorized under: Energy, Fire, Nature, Physical, and Water. Players are to chose their accessory based on the enemy and their weaknesses. Snowball Legendary Launcher and Engineering Under the Water category, there is a fun tool called the Snowball […]

scavenger Hunt

Sticky Number Scavenger Hunt

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This week we thought we would change up the activity and suggest a STEM game scavenger hunt that helps kids exercise their math skills! It will also keep them busy while having fun! This game can be played inside or outside! What you’ll need: Sticky notes (or paper and tape) Writing utensil How to play: Step […]

Virtual STEM Camp is here!

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We are so excited to launch Virtual STEM Camp this week! Your team at STEM Camp has pivoted quickly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to develop educational content that is consistent with our values of fun, yet educational STEM experiences.  The Virtual STEM Camp pilot was launched the week of April 6, 2020. […]