STEM Avengers


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What a better way to teach STEM principles than through an all-time series favourited by everyone, The Avengers! The first and fifth weeks of our summer program offers a very special opportunity that will give your child their own superpowers while learning science, technology, engineering and math concepts! Did you know that lightning travels at […]

Agricultural Engineer

STEM CAREERS – Agricultural Engineer

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Agricultural Engineer An Agricultural Engineer is a really cool career, especially for those interested in the environment. The job requires daily use of all the STEM principles, how exciting! Education Agricultural Engineers typically end up specializing in a certain area. Some options are: aquaculture, farm structures, machinery design, and power systems, to name a few. […]

Stem camp fortnite


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Although Fortnite launched only two years ago on July 17, 2017, approximately 10.8 million people still play the game today. This is great news for the creators but it also poses a lot of problems for them. This week we are going to learn why, thanks to STEM principles!  STEM Behind Fortnite The makers of […]



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This week we are learning about Accountants! A background with a STEM education would be highly beneficial to anyone planning to pursue this career. The competition is high so it’s important to set yourself apart in the job pool! Education Many certifications are needed in order to achieve an average accounting position at any size […]


STEM Behind Groundhog Day

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Happy Groundhog Day!  Since 1886, Groundhog Day has been celebrated by many. For those that aren’t familiar with the tradition here’s what it’s all about!  The tradition is celebrated on February 2nd every year in Canada and the United States. It originated from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition. The Groundhog’s scientific name is Marmota Monax and […]



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Chemists are often grouped as scientists, but they are very different. The career is super fascinating and can be highly rewarding. People in this position conduct research experiments to learn more about the chemicals we use. Typically the results suggest ways to develop better substances that will improve human life. Currently, the demand for this […]

Harry Potter


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Calling all wizards in training! We need you at STEM Camp this summer! Through weeks four and eight, camper’s will discover STEM with our wand-erful Harry Potter theme!  During your child’s time at camp, they will create their very own magic wand! Instead of using a phoenix feather and holly like Harry Potter, campers will […]

STEM Behind Fortnite

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If you have kids you likely know about the new online gaming sensation, Fortnite. What many don’t know, is that it is so much more than just a post apocalyptic video game. STEM principles can be commonly found behind the design and concepts of the digital battle.  Fortnite was first released in September 2017 and […]