STEM Careers – Video Game Developer

Video game

STEM Camp opens many career doors for campers! It also allows them to prepare for careers for which they may not realize a STEM education is a pre-requisite.

How does getting to create and play virtual games all day sound? With the world of technology flourishing, there is a growing demand for game and software developers. Science, technology, engineering and math are all primary and fundamental concepts that game designers regularly use. The role also requires a heightened sense of creativity,  imagination and teamwork, all skills that STEM Camp heavily encourages. 

ozobot Starting a career in video game developing leads to many pathways and opportunities in the digital software development industry. In order to become qualified, it is crucial to obtain an academic degree, create an exceptional portfolio and of course, have a strong understanding of all the STEM conventions. These three components will set up any future prospective game developer for success in the field. 


Did you know that currently, one of the leaders in the video game industry is Canada? But wait, there is even more exciting news… this market is projected to grow even more throughout the next decade! It’s also important to note that many Canadian post secondary school institutes are introducing game and software developer programs all across the country. Although the competition is high and will require a lot of hard work, a career in software development brings rewards that justify sacrifices made along the way. In addition, game and software developers play a major role in innovating tomorrow’s technology, how cool!

A great convenience that comes with choosing this career path is that if it doesn’t seem like the perfect fit at first, there are many similar options that one can seamlessly explore! These other options include but are not limited to: Software Engineer, Tools Programmer, Digital Animator and so on.

By enrolling your child in STEM Camp, you could be setting them up for success in their future dream career through our discovery summer program!