Minecraft Summer Camp Memories

It looks like winter is almost here! But don’t worry. We have some great memories to share from this year’s STEM Camp to warm your heart. Besides, we want to heat up your expectations with what we are planning for 2020!

Minecraft Summer Camp

This past summer, we partnered once again with Mining Matters. They are a charitable organization that is passionate about educating young people about Canada’s geology and the vast array of careers available in the minerals industry.It’s easy

Mining Matters at STEM Camp
Mining Matters at STEM Camp

to see why we immediately bonded and how this amazing partnership began.

In their annual newsletter, they shared their experience at STEM Camp this summer. They delivered 52 workshops and reached over 2,000 campers. They visited many of our locations during our Minecraft summer camp week (it makes sense, eh?).  Children created a model of the Earth, identified rocks and minerals and made connections with how they are used in everyday life. These were examples of the many exciting and fun learning experiences they brought to STEM Camp.

Check out what they had to say about us: “Inspired by the game, STEM Camp used activities, and demonstrations to compare Minecraft to actual mining processes, illustrating differences between the video game and real life. Participants were extremely enthusiastic to see, touch, and learn about the rocks and minerals they know from the game they love.”

Mining Matters at STEM Camp
Mining Matters at STEM Camp – Pic 2

2020 STEM Camp

We thank the team at Mining Matters for the great Minecraft summer camp experience that was offered to our campers. It is STEM Camp’s mission to make STEM fun for children. We thrive at providing exciting hands-on activities based on things they know and love, such as a Minecraft summer camp!

Did you love your 2019 STEM Camp experience? We can’t wait to share what we are preparing for 2020! Stay tuned to our social media channels… we will announce our 2020 themes very soon!!! Can you  guess what they might be? Share your guesses with us!