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Hello to all of the mothers who have careers in STEM! It is the last Friday of the month again and this means it’s time to introduce you to another STEM Super Hero! This post is special because we’re not dedicating it to just one person. We’re dedicating this month’s STEM Super Hero to all of the moms making a difference in the world of STEM! We love our STEM Super Hero series because it gives us the chance to talk about the real life heroes, those who use their superpowers to make a difference in the world.

We encourage everyone to share these STEM Super Hero stories with your children.  We want to inspire children to one day make a difference in the world of STEM!

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Moms In STEM

STEM Camp wants to recognize all of the mothers out there who are working in a STEM field. We know how much dedication you put in everyday, not only for your work but also for your families. We love it! You’re all true heroes and we want you to feel encourage so hopefully you’ll inspire younger women to peruse a STEM field as well.

Real life super heroes!

You constantly make a difference everyday and STEM Camp strives to do the same! STEM is vital to the innovation and competitiveness of our country. We need to inspire kids to take this path and one day make a major contribution to our world!

We understand that being a mom and having a career can be challenging and even break your heart sometimes. But we want to encourage you with the story of  Seaira Christian-Daniels. Her mother is an Electrial Engineer with over 2 decades in the computing field. Seairia shared 4 things she has learned from her mother working in STEM: 1) the importance of communication, 2)to enjoy the process of learning, 3) to never let her race or gender limit her career aspirations and 4) appreciated when her mom was around, and learned to be independent when she wasn’t there.

Does this inspire you to ease your mind and keep going? We hope it does. STEM careers can be very demanding, but also rewarding! We are here to help you over the summer and provide a great summer camp experience for your children. There is something new and cool to discover every day at STEM Camp!

Careers In STEM

There are so many different possibilities when it comes to careers in STEM. We need more children to enter these fields if Canada has any chance of being innovative at a national level.

It’s incredible how nothing is impossible as long as you dedicate yourself. Be sure to share your STEM experience with your children so they can truly learn about a real life superhero. It starts with you at home. Help give your children the chance to develop a passion for STEM by signing them up for our summer camp today.

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