The Science Behind Minecraft


Hello all STEM families! We hope you are enjoying Science February! During this month we have talked about the Science behind three of our four themes this summer, Transformers, Superheroes and Star Wars.

Now it’s time to explain the Science behind our final theme of the summer, Minecraft. Our Minecraft weeks run July 22nd – 26th and August 19th – 23rd. Go to our website to find the location nearest to you and register today!

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the science behind Minecraft. We are going to specifically focus on mining for metal. The best way to find great stuff in Minecraft is to create pickaxes and mine the ground to find metal ore.

It is interesting that the most commonly found metal ore in the game is iron. Iron is also the most common element found on Earth. However, when iron is in its metallic form, it becomes very rare to obtain. Did you know  that one of the few ways to get metallic iron on Earth is from meteorites? 

The only way to get large amounts of iron is to smelt it from iron ore. Smelting is the process of removing the impurities from an ore in order to extract the desired metal. In the world of Minecraft to smelt iron ore you would have to put it into a forge which is an object made out of rock. You then have to add a heat source to it and then wait until it’s finished.

Once it’s finished you will get an iron ingot, which is a bar of metal that’s used to store refined metal. Smelting is a real life process. However, it is much more complicated than it is in the game.

It’s amazing to see how science is involved in so many aspects of our world. There was a lot of science behind in the development of the game Minecraft and some of it was based on real life materials. This is one of the things we love the most about STEM Camp, the activities and projects are based on things children know and love (robots, space, food, games, etc.). STEM becomes sothing close to children’s reality and they develop their interest and sense of wonder!

Help get your children involved in the world of science today and sign them up for our summer camp!